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Court Reservations FAQ

1. How can I reserve a motion slot when the system shows there is no available slot?

If the system cannot find available motion slot within a 12-18 month window, you are required to call the courtroom to reserve the motion. Back to top

2. Which courtrooms participate in the court reservation system (CRS)?

Click here for a list of court locations that accept reservations through the CRS system. Back to top

3. Did previous CRS reservations carry over to eCourt CRS?

Yes Back to top

4. What do the new statuses mean?

eCourt CRS uses a different scheme for reservation status.

  • Reserved - The hearing is currently reserved
  • Confirmed - The hearing is confirmed (i.e. document filed)
  • Completed - The hearing was held and has a result (you will see the result in the reservation history)
  • Canceled - The hearing was canceled
NOTE : There is no longer a Rescheduled status. Rather, a rescheduled reservation will simply carry over it's prior status of Reserved or Confirmed. Users can view the full audit trail in their reservation history. Back to top

5. Why am I getting a No Records Found if I have my reservation ?

It means the system cannot find your reservation based on the Reservation ID and PIN you supplied.
  • Make sure the Reservation ID and PIN numbers are entered correctly. It's often better to copy/paste these values from your confirmation email than to manually enter them.
  • Use the Forgot My PIN feature to recover the PIN assigned during the initial reservation.
  • Verify the Reservation ID is valid by looking up your reservation in the Public Reservation Search. You may also search by case number in the Public Reservation Search.
If you still cannot find your reservation after following these steps, please contact support. Back to top

6. Are documents still required to have Reservation ID numbers?

Yes, that requirement will continue to exist Back to top

7. When a reservation is rescheduled / cancelled, is notice sent and the slot reopened?

Yes, eCourt CRS will retain nearly all legacy CRS features including this one. Back to top

8. After I reserve a date, how soon thereafter can I file my motion?

Immediately. There is no system delay or wait time. However, it is very important to have your CRS reservation ID ready at the time of eFiling so that you can enter the reservation ID in the system to properly link your document and the motion reservation. Back to top

9. What are payment profiles?

  • A payment profile allows you to securely store your credit card information on industry leading Authorize.Net servers.
  • Once a profile is created, every transaction on CRS using your credit card will be processed without ever requiring you to type in card information.
  • Creating a payment profile also means CRS never has to store, process or transmit your credit card data.
  • Attorney Service Companies and Law Firms may setup a single payment profile allowing their members to use "company cards" rather than requiring each member to create their own profile.
Back to top

10. Why was my credit card payment declined?

Credit card payments generally get declined for a number of reasons including insufficient funds, frozen account status, invalid credit card number or expiration date, invalid CVV number, etc. Unfortunately, the card issuing bank often does not provide us additional details regarding the reason for the decline -- that's why the error you see simply states "transaction declined". If no reason is given, you'll need to contact the card issuing bank for more information about the specific reason for your decline. Back to top

11. Can I change my reservation type after I’ve made a reservation?

Reservation types are used during fee calculations and specific to the motion types. Therefore, reservation types cannot be changed. Back to top

12. If ex-parte requires e-filing first, how do I give notice to the other parties of the reservation date?

Ex parte matters are no longer reserved in CRS. The ex parte application must be eFiled and notice given pursuant to statute. Back to top

13. How do I pay for multiple first appearance fees in a motion?

At this time, all first paper fees will be collected at the time the document filed. Make the reservation and pay a single motion fee. Any fees applicable to the remaining parties must be paid at the time of filing. Back to top

14. If the court cancelled my reservation, do I need to pay for another one?

Reach out to the court. This varies on a case-by-case basis. Back to top

15. How do I print the CRS receipt?

Go to My Previous Reservations or View Your Reservation. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “View Receipt”. On the resulting page, scroll to the bottom and press the “Print Page” button. For reservations made prior to 12/03/18, press the blue text at the bottom to view legacy receipts. Legacy receipts don’t have a “Print Page” button so it is necessary to either press Ctrl + P or right click and press print. Back to top

16. My hearing was held and continued. Can I still use CRS to manage my reservation?

No. If your hearing is held and continued, you will no longer be able to manage your reservation through CRS. You will need to contact the department if you have any questions or to coordinate a reschedule. Back to top

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