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CRS User Instructions


The Court Reservation System (CRS) is currently available in a number of courtrooms, with availability in additional courtrooms to be provided as they open. Accordingly, parties with a case assigned to a courtroom using CRS are directed to reserve hearing dates for motions in these courtrooms using CRS.

Instead of calling or emailing the courtroom to make a reservation, parties can go to this website and use CRS to make and manage their own reservations, within parameters set by the courtrooms.

CRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and reservations can be made from a computer or even a smart phone.

Parties will be charged the applicable motion filing fee at the time the reservation is made. First paper fees will be assessed when the motion is filed. Parties will be charged the applicable continuance fee if they reschedule a reservation. Once the motion hearing date is reserved or rescheduled, the fees are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

Parties with cases assigned to other courtrooms or with non-CRS reservations should continue to follow existing procedures of the respective courtrooms. If you are unable to utilize CRS or if you have questions related to scheduling, motions, etc., please telephone the courtroom where your case is assigned directly.


It is important to provide complete and correct information as the information will be used to calculate the motion filing fee [subject to verification at the time of filing the related motion document(s)]. Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in delay or cancellation of your reservation and/or related hearing.

You will be charged the applicable motion filing fee at the time you make your reservation. Once the motion hearing date is reserved, the fees are non-refundable.

Only one reservation can be made at a time. If you will be filing multiple motions, you will need to make a separate reservation and pay applicable fees for each motion, even if the motions will be heard simultaneously. If motions are to be heard on the same date, be sure to select a date with sufficient available reservations for the number of motions to be filed. This also applies to the rescheduling of reservations.

CRS will not assess first paper fees. All first paper fees will be assessed at the time of filing.

Proceed promptly through the reservation process. The session will expire after a certain period of inactivity. Any information entered before the first reservation is finalized will be lost.

The selected date/time is not reserved until your payment is accepted. It is possible that from the time you select a date to the time that your payment is accepted, the date may be filled to capacity and no longer available.

After completing your reservation, a notification email will be sent to the email address(es) you provided. The email contains a Reservation ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will be required to update your contact information, reschedule or cancel your reservation, or reprint your receipt. Receiving the reservation email does not mean it has been added to the court’s calendar as a future hearing date.

You can only consider your reservation has been added to the court’s calendar and become a future hearing date when you have (a) served and filed the motion/document, (b) paid all applicable fees and (c) received a confirmation email from the Court.


Information Particular to Certain Motions and Reservation Types

Ex Parte Motions
Ex Parte hearings are NOT reserved via CRS. Instead, you must *e-file* your Ex Parte documents with the Court. During that process, the clerk will schedule your hearing. You must come into court with copies of their filed stamp accepted document on the proper day it was noticed. If bringing in copies is not possible, bring the transaction number for the e-filed ex parte documents.

Demurrer – without Motion to Strike - A demurrer is often filed with a Motion to Strike to be heard simultaneously. In such a case, you must select Reservation Type "Demurrer - with Motion to Strike" and pay the two corresponding fees.

Demurrer – with Motion to Strike
Reservation Type “Demurrer – with Motion to Strike” includes two motions to be heard simultaneously and requires payment of the two corresponding fees.
  1. When filing the motion documents related to the Demurrer – with Motion to Strike, you must:
    1. Print two copies of the receipt;
    2. Attach one copy of the receipt to each motion/document as the last page; and
    3. Indicate the Reservation ID on the motion/document face page (see example below)
Please note that in the rare instances when a reservation is made on behalf of a party by court staff, the Fee Information and Payment Information sections of the receipt and other web pages include only references to the filing window, and no fee or payment information particulars.

Motion to Compel Discovery Responses (not “Further Discovery”)

  • All courtrooms may allow multiple motions to compel discovery responses (not “Further Discovery”) to be reserved for hearing on the same date, but some courtrooms permit multiple motions to compel discovery responses (not “Further Discovery”) to be included in a single reservation. The number of motions permitted in a single reservation will be displayed in a Number of Motions drop-down list according to the preferences of the assigned courtroom. If more space is needed than the maximum permitted in a single reservation, you must make two or more reservations.
  • If the courtroom does not allow multiple motions to compel discovery responses (not “Further Discovery”), the Number of Motions drop down list will not appear and you will need to make separate reservations and pay applicable fees for each motion, even if the motions will be heard simultaneously.

Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses

Some courtrooms require that certain conditions be met prior to scheduling a Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses. It is your sole responsibility to:
  1. Determine if your assigned courtroom has pre-requisites related to a Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses (for example, the PI Courts at Stanley Mosk require that an Informal Discovery Conference (IDC) be scheduled before a Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses reservation is made);
  2. Ensure all such pre-requisites are satisfied; and
  3. Ensure the date you select for your reservation meets the court's requirements related to a Motion to Compel Further Discovery Responses

Motion for Reconsideration

A Motion for Reconsideration must be heard by the same judge who made the prior order. Please ensure the reservation you make will be with the appropriate judge. If your assigned department is a multi-judge courtroom, check the judicial assignment table in CRS to determine which day(s)/time(s) the judge hears motions.

Motion to Transfer

This Motion to Transfer is not to be confused with a motion to transfer a complicated PI case to an independent calendar court, which does not require a hearing. When a case is ordered transferred with pending motion reservations, the party must contact the courtroom to which the case has been reassigned for new hearing date(s) in that location. If the courtroom to which the case is reassigned is currently using CRS, court staff will enter the new reservation(s) on behalf of the party. The initial reservation receipt showing that fees have been paid must be attached as the last page of the document, if not previously filed, or the notice of the new hearing location.

Other Motion (Not Otherwise Listed)

The "Other Motion (name extension)" reservation type should not be used for any motion that is listed on the reservation type drop-down, including but not limited to a demurrer (with or without a motion to strike), motion for summary judgment or adjudication, or motion to be admitted pro hac vice. To make a reservation for one of these motions, select the correct reservation type.